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23 Oct 2016
9.30am start from Broad St, Oxford (near Oxford Campus Stores)
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Short ride option

Coffee round trip: 
32 miles (52k)
About 12mph = 19kph
Leader back from coffee: 

Full ride (continuing from coffee)

Lunch round trip: 
54 miles (86k)
About 12mph = 19kph
Full ride leader: 


16 Oct 2016
Waking up to torrential rain beating against the bedroom window is not the most welcome sound on the morning of a day ride. But tourist cyclists often have to ride all day in heavy rain and... Read more


25 Aug 2014
You could end up miles from home with a puncture that is impossible to repair. My local bike shop, Reg Taylor on Iffley Road, had never seen this (they were, however, able to sort it out). Removing a tight road tyre (a 23mm...Read more

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Oxford Cycling is part of Cycling UK, which is the national cycling charity aiming to encourage people to cycle while campaigning for better cycling infrastructure. Oxford Cycling organises regular Sunday rides (usually leaving from Broad Street at 9.30am) and occasional social events and special rides, travelling to farther afield places. Read more about us | Contact us.

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